Monday, August 31, 2009

8 Months Old

Jill turned eight months old this weekend. This photo shoot was the most interesting so far. I had a really hard time getting her to pay attention and cooperate...

She has mastered some new skills this last month. For instance, she has started waving.

She is STILL working on crawling. She can only get about a foot or so but she is making progress.

She gives kisses (ignore me in this photo please!).

She is really good at standing and pulling up on things.

The best thing about this photo session was some of the hilarious faces I got...

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today we went to the park for what Jane called "exploring". The park we went to has a lot of trails that go through a patch of woods so it's probably the closest Jane's come to actual hiking. And it was definitely enough "hiking" for me as I was/still am recovering from a stomach bug (so please don't look too closely at me in these pics).

First the girls played at the playground. Here they are on the swings...

Then we went for our walk. We crossed a bridge with some fish. Jay and Jane took turns throwing sticks at the fish to get them to swim. (We're real nature lovers right!)

After that Jane says, "I want to see more aminals". This was the closest thing we could find...

You see the lizard?

Here is Jay holding Jane up to look out over the "lookout".

And this is what she could see...

Jay beat us up to the top of this incline. I was trying to convince Jane to carry me- LOL!

We had a fun time!

Jane Dressing Up

Anyone who knows Jane knows she LOVES to dress up. Here are some recent shots I thought were funny...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Harvest and Grape Stomp

Today we went to a harvest and grape stomp at a local vineyard. FUN!!!

First, Jay and Jane picked some grapes.

Here are all of the grapes they picked.

Jane wanted to eat them right away but we had to explain that they weren't for eating (huh?) but for drinking (huh?).

They put all of the grapes that the visitors collected in these big white boxes (you can see one in the background of that pic above) and when the box is full they dump it into this big machine they takes the grapes off of their stem and sends them down a big hose into the "grape pool".

Looks yummy doesn't it?

Then you get in and stomp. We waited in line forever for Jane to be able to do the grape stomp but when it came down to it she really didn't want to. Good thing too because she would have had grapes up to her neck, something we hadn't really considered when trying to convince her to give it a try. Well, I didn't wait in that line for nothing so I decided to give it a whirl. YUK! but.... really fun!

Here's Jay with a wine tasting.

Why didn't I get one you ask? Would you have after having seen everyone with their nasty feet all up in that? I know it's not the same wine and the alcohol kills the germs blah blah blah... still... gross!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have been so impressed lately with how my girls are learning how to play together. With Jill only being 7 months they actually are really great playmates already. Here are some pics of my two beauties and their sister time...

Here they are playing kitchen. Jill mostly just watches Jane, chews on random food pieces and tries to eat whatever Jane hands her.

They are playing doll house at my moms. Jill actually tries to copy Jane by putting the little people in the car or chair or wherever Jane puts them. And, she chews on random doll pieces.

Dress up! Again, Jill watches Jane, lets her put crowns on her head and chews on random dress up pieces (do you see a pattern here?)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Bow Holder

So.... I copied this idea from my friend Kristy ( who got it from another blog. I actually did this days ago and am just now posting it. But here's what I did...

I bought an empty frame from Goodwill for a couple of dollars (per Kristy's suggestion) and painted it white. I bought a yard of blue minky fabric and glued ducky ribbon to the top and bottom over vertical strips of yellow ribbon- all to match my ducky bathroom. And then Jane and I added all of her bows to it and I hung it on the wall. Done. What do you think?

Jane was pretty proud!

Here it is hung up in the bathroom. I know you can't see any of the ribbon right? That's just how many bows she has!

Thanks Kristy! Keep the ideas comin'!