Sunday, January 29, 2012


Where to begin? 

How about here:

That was me this time last year. Seriously!?! How come nobody told me!!!! I didn't even realize that it had gotten that bad. Having kids packs on the pounds anyone can tell you that and having babies close together like I did makes it worse but... seriously! I told myself for a year too long that I was hanging onto baby fat that would disappear on it's own. HAHAHAHA!! That picture above was taken almost a year after Jena was born. And actually it wasn't even that picture that brought me into reality. It was one I had taken with my team on Earth Day (which somehow I don't have a copy of) that made me realize I needed to take action. So, May of last year I joined a gym with the help of my wonderful friend Rachel. She and I encouraged each other to go several times a week and somehow I became one of those people I didn't truly think existed, someone who likes to work out (like I'm not kidding when I say I thought people just said that to sound cool). So, January came around and it was time to make a resolution and I had pretty much already reached goals that I wasn't even sure that I had set for myself because truly I was just going to the gym because I liked to. I decided that my resolution would be to run a 5K. (really long story on how I came to that decision fits here). I have NEVER been a runner or liked to run and thought people who did races for fun were insane. So my resolution of completing a 5K was actually more about wanting to do a 5K than completing a 5K, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I told Rachel about it and right away she was on board and urged me to start looking for one. I was thinking more along the lines of the Turkey Trot in November, after all you get a whole year to complete a resolution right? But she was insistent that I start looking and low and behold I found one at the end of January. Turns out there are races like every weekend you could do if that is your thing. (which again those people are insane!) So, Rachel and I signed up for our 5K. It's actually called the Texas Half because the real race is a half marathon but for those wimps like me who have never even pictured themselves running a race for "fun" they tack on a 5K. So, yesterday morning at 5:30 I woke up, dressed, picked up Rachel, drove an hour to Dallas, and ran (mostly) a 5k! New Years resolution- CHECK! Here are some pics...

You've got to watch this video of me finishing. It's probably the highlight of my month hearing my name being called as I finished with my new friend Amanda (met her on the race). And Rachel actually sprinted ahead of me to finish early so she could video me coming in... seriously who has friends like that? I do. 

Just after that video, that's me trying not to throw up. and I didn't! I posted this on Facebook with a caption that said, "dying" and my friend Allsion replied "No, living" and that just about sums it up!