Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jena Laughing

This is a video that Jay took the other day of Jane making Jena laugh by twirling a little flower on the way too big jumper Jena loves to sit in. I thought it was cute and it has all three girls in it just doing what they always do so I thought I would share.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 11th

On September 11th we all went over to the open house at the new fire station by our house. They had a memorial for September 11th which included a very emotional speech by the fire chief and a moving performance of God Bless the USA. They also had this guy...

The girls couldn't get enough of Sparky the fire dog!
They made several trips back to see Sparky.

Jane was also SUPER excited to meet a real fireman. He was really nice. She was a bit disappointed he wasn't in his full fire gear but I had to explain that they only wear those in real fires and it was too hot for them to be all dressed up in their outfit. She talked to him a bit about fires and then told him thank you for helping us. It was pretty cute.
They also had a clown making balloon animals for the kids.

They had a helicopter, which Jay thought was pretty cool. We got to see it take off too!
They had all of their fire trucks out and I wanted a picture of the girls with it but Jane outright refused to even touch it. Got me as to why. ALl in all a VERY fun time at the firestation! Even Jena thought it was great fun..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day and More of Jane's Photography

I have been SOOOO busy with school lately I haven't had time to update the blog but finally this weekend we got some down time! On Labor Day we all went to My cousin Kerri's to go swimming and grill out by the pool. My mom was sweet enough to watch Jena for us so she didn't have to be in the sun. Kerri and JD had another couple come too, Shantel and Mike and their two cuties, Jake and Ava. As we were leaving I let Jane go nuts with camera (mostly because I wanted a group shot of all of the adults). Here is the group shot she took...

Now here is the group shot Shantel's 7 year old son took. That is Mike and Shantel on the left and Kerri and JD in the middle and then Jay and I on the end. This one gets all of Jay in it!

Here are some other pics that Jane took. She kept putting her finger over the lens which is why they have dark spots of look blurry. But at least she centered everyone pretty good in these.

This is one Kylie took of Jane and I

Here is one of all four of the girls together. Jill is digging in the dirt. What I really wish I had a picture of is Jill stuffing her face with the dirt because that was really funny! I don't know why but Jill likes to eat dirt, playdough, etc.
We had a REALLY great day!! The girls got along so well and I was glad to get in one last day of swimming before the Fall weather comes!