Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Build a Bear

Today for Jillybean's birthday (special birthday post coming later) I took the girls to the Build a Bear Workshop for the first time! They both got gift cards for Christmas and I figured it was a good activity they would both enjoy. Jane was thrilled and Jill was...well... Jill was kinda sick. She woke up with a slight fever. So if she looks kinda lethargic that is why.

First you choose a bear. I wheeled Jill up and had her look at all of the different choices.

Then when she would point to one I would bring her one and if she pushed it away I knew that wasn't it. Then I finally got it right...

It was the bunny!

Jane's choice was a little more obvious!

Then it was time to stuff them. This in itself is a process. You choose a heart for your bear and you rub it on your tummy so she's never hungry.

And you rub it on your nose so she "knows" you always love her. And you rub it on your head and make a wish.

And then you put it inside your bear and then step on the pedal to stuff it.

Then of course you have to squeeze it to make sure it's stuffed right. Looks like Jane is happy with it.

Jill watched the whole process and thought it was interesting. Of course when the guy went to get hers she was like, "Nuh uh, you are not getting my bunny."

Of course after she finally gave it over Jane helped her rub her bunny's heart on her tummy, and her head, and made a wish for her and put it in her bunny.

Jill was happy with the amount of stuffing as well.

Now time for a bath.

"Here Jill bathe your bunny"

"Okay, I will do it for you."

Now for Jane's very favorite part, picking out clothes for and dressing your bear.

Then you register it, name it and print out a birth certificate.

Here are "Rainbow" and "Bunny" (can you guess which is which?). Jane says they are best friends.

So much fun! Thank you so much to Meemaw Joanne (Jay's grandmother) for the Build-a-Bear cards. Brilliant Christmas present!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas morning Jane woke up and saw presents under the tree and said, "Santa Claus DID bring me presents!" I guess we had threatened her enough, "You better be good, Santa is watching and he only brings presents for kids on the nice list." The girls enjoyed their new round of presents.

Then it was time for more adventures in the snow...

Jane made her very first snowman. He wasn't very big but you would be surprised how long it took us to make that guy.

Later that evening we went to my brother's house for dinner. Here are some pics of them in their Christmas dresses. (Ignore the fact that Jill is missing her bow, her stockings and her shoes :)

We hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve proved to be a whole day of fun! The biggest surprise of the day was that it snowed! Jane was super excited! She went out a couple of times during the day. Jill and Jackson had to watch from inside.
The second time Jane went out the snow had accumulated on the ground so she was determined to make snow angels. Only she couldn't figure out the best place for that. She tried here...

and here...

She also wanted to eat the snow...

Jill was watching Jane so intently that every time Jane would eat snow Jill would copy her...

After our snow adventures Jane came in and made a little holiday craft...

Again, Jill had to just watch...

They turned out pretty cute...

In the early evening we went over to my parents for Christmas Eve dinner and presents!

This is my brother Stephen and Jane.

My brother Preston got an ipod touch and Stephen's boys Cameron and Carson were so disappointed because they desperately wanted one too (little did they know Santa is bringing them one tonight shhhh... don't tell them).
Jill is such a Paw Paw girl!

Jane LOVED her presents! Here are some of her favorite ones...

Jill LOVED her presents too...

I think Stephen and Monica were glad to finally get the extremely too long wedding throw I have been working on (or holding hostage- whichever way you want to look at it) for TWO YEARS!

And me... LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!!!

All in all it was a Christmas Eve that couldn't be beat! I can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jill's One Year Old Pictures

Today I took Jill in to have her first birthday pictures and since they have Santa there too we went to the Picture People to kill two pictures with one stone. Now, everyone knows that I have had my share of issues with The Picture People but really if you have the right coupons you can't beat what you get for the price! And in this case we had a pretty good experience and Jill was such a super star. The photographer even said she was the best one year old they have had with Santa. Anyway, here are some of the shots we got...