Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jane, the Pilgrim; Jill and Jena, the Wampanoags

Tuesday kindergarten had the annual Thanksgiving Feast we do each year but this year Jane was there too!! Look how cute my little Pilgrim girl is!

 For the feast each student brings in something like turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, popcorn, cranberry sauce, cookies, juice, etc... Some kids like Jane choose to just fill their plates with popcorn and cookies but oh well...

Both Jena and Jill made little headdresses for their feasts at school. I got one smiling wampanoag....

And one not so smiling wampanoag....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Train Ride

We went to Trinity Park today to ride the train with Jane's friend Jennifer and her family. We got a few cute pics from the day so I thought I would post...

Here are the three big girls. They had a great time!

Jennifer's baby sister, Allison enjoyed the ride too!

Especially the rhythmic motion that put her right to sleep!

Woohoo! Jena thought it was the ride of the century!

Fun day! Beautiful weather! Thanks to the Hollis' for the invite!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jane, the Violist

Jane is super lucky to get to take viola lessons at school. Our school, and a few others in our district, have a strings program using the Suzuki method to teach young children how to play the violin, viola, chello or bass. After listening to all of the instruments Jane chose to learn how to play the viola. She gets individual lessons once a week during school and has a group class after school once a week too and practices daily. At first the students learn how to play on a homemade box instrument. They use it to learn proper form and playing the rhythms they need for the first few songs they learn. Jane had her first "concert" last week and here are some pics. The first one is her and her friend Julie (our babysitter's daughter who is also in Suzuki at another school.) Julie and both of her sisters play the violin. All of the Eisermann girls came to watch Jane's first "concert". I keep putting it in quotations because as of the first concert Jane hadn't gotten her actual viola so her along with the rest of the "pre-twinklers" (kids who haven't learned Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- the first song) played along on stage with their boxes.

Here is Jane with her box, showing perfect form I might add!

 Here is Jane's "scared" face. I told her to show me how she was feeling and this is the look I got!

This week Jane met all of her goals and has graduated to the real viola. Here is a picture that her teacher took from the first lesson off of the box! Jane is super excited and has worked really hard to earn her viola. She is a diligent practicer and I have come to learn is very goal- oriented! I couldn't be more proud of her dedication and enthusiasm!