Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day at the park

FINALLY!! The weather has been nice enough to spend some time outside!!! Don't get me wrong we enjoyed the bits of snow we had but we were all ready for a little springtime! This weekend we went to a birthday party on Saturday and the girls got to be outside for a bit and then today when it was just as beautiful we couldn't help but get out and enjoy it! We took the girls to a nearby park where they both enjoyed my favorite playground activity- SWINGS!!

Then, Jane's friend Jennifer came by. Jane was overjoyed!

The girls were really in-sinc!

After hanging around at the playground for awhile...

we went on a short hike through the park's trails.
The girls played "Poohsticks"

and then they spent a lot of time picking up sticks...

and then throwing them over the lookout.

Yes, Jay should get down shouldn't he?

After our hike we came back to the playground for more swings!

Let's hope this beautiful weather sticks around for awhile before it hits 90 degrees!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Swim

For this past week I have been dreaming of floating. I saw on my friend, Jennifer's blog some pics of her little girl's birthday party at an indoor pool and ever since then I couldn't get the idea of floating out of my head. Soo.... I had been planing on going to that same pool this weekend but as it turns out our friends and former neighbors (and parents of Jane's best friend Jennifer) happen to be having an open house at their gym which has an indoor pool so we all packed up our swim bags and with 39 degree weather we went for a dip. That above pic is of the girls just before we went swimming. I didn't actually get any pictures of us swimming because I was too scared to get my camera wet and I was really more concerned about getting in the water!! It was a lot of fun. We were there for a couple of hours! I would go back right now if I could!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Princess Birthday Party

Saturday we went to Jane's friend Jennifer's birthday party. It was a princess party so the guests were invited to wear princess outfits. Here is Jane in hers:

The first thing we saw when we arrived was a bounce house... in the middle of the house! Jane was thrilled!

While Jane jumped, Jill mostly just walked around the house with a balloon.

Here's Jane and the birthday girl Jennifer:

After pizza and cake the girls were entertained by participating in a short dance class given by a ballet dance teacher. Jane was so intent on following every instruction and you can see by the video at the bottom how much needs instruction ;) LOL! It was so cute! We have been talking about putting Jane in ballet this summer and after seeing this it is settled. We might even find one that start sooner!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The More it Snows

The more it snows tiddly pom,
The more it goes tiddly pom,
The more it goes tiddly pom
on snowing....

I was reminded of this poem from Winnie the Pooh today as we woke up to snow and then it snowed and snowed and snowed. And as far as I know it is still snowing...

I got some fun pics of the girls today when I got home from school.

Jill was LOVING it!! We took her out for a bit and then brought her back inside and she cried and cried until we brought her back out.

Her favorite part was eating the snow.

Jane's favorite part was throwing snow balls at mommy!

All in all fun, fun fun!

Valentines Preparations

Jane has been very excited about her Valentine's party at school for a couple of weeks and now that it was almost here I was REALLY hoping for her sake that there would be school on Thursday so she could go to it.

On Wednesday night she had a very special playdate with her cousin Kylie (though somehow I didn't take any pictures- what is wrong with me?) Anyway, we had a great visit with Aunt Kerri and Kylie. Then, after they left it was Valentine's preparations until 9:30 p.m.

First, Jane and I made sugar cookies and died them red and cut out hearts...

Then, once they were in the oven we started on Jane's Valentine's bags for her class. Jane helped me stuff them with candy. Then we took the cookies out of the oven to cool. I should have taken a picture of the cookie sheet after I got it out of the oven because up until that point I thought we might send them to school with Jane but after I got them out of the oven I quickly realized that was not going to happen. They had all baked together and looked pretty bad. I was able to salvage them by cutting them into hearts but not enough for her to take to class. Oh well, more for us at home ;)

Then we made all of Jane's valentines. I cut out some rectangles from Valentine's paper with scalloped scissors and then Jane helped me write who they were for. I had her write the first letter of each kids' name and the first letter of her name on each one and I wrote the rest. Then, she put on some heart stickers and each one of them.

Jill decided to write some valentine cards too except she forgot to take the cap off the sharpie- oh well.

After Jill went to bed Jane iced all of the cookies and decorated them with sprinkles.

All in all very fun and exhausting and I think maybe next year we will do cookies and bags and valentines all on different days!