Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coloring Eggs

We colored eggs on Easter Sunday. You will see Jill is once again in her uniform, a purple dress with attached tutu that she refuses to take off except for a quick wash. And it usually gets washed around three or four times a week because she wears it as soon as we get home from anywhere, she wears it to bed, and she wears it pretty much anywhere and everywhere that she can. I actually had her dressed in a matching dress she has like Jane's but she purposefully poured water all over it, then said, "It's wet Mommy" and then took it off. Naughty thing! So here are pics of these cute girls coloring eggs...

Earth Day

So I was super excited to hear that Lowes was giving away a free tree for Earth Day. I have been wanting to plant a tree. When Jay and I moved in to our house there was a beautiful willow tree in the backyard and not three months after we had moved in a bad storm uprooted the tree and we lost it. :( Now we have no tree in our front or back yard and I have been wanting to plant one in both. So, off we go to Lowes to get our free tree. Jay waited in the car with the girls while I ran in and as I came out of the store holding a lunch size paper bag with our free "tree" sitting in the bottom two inches of it, I could see Jay 50 yards away in the car laughing hysterically. Oh well. We decided to go on with our plans to plant it, albeit in a small pot. (They said it can be transplanted in the ground after a year or so). 

We took it over to my moms knowing she would have all of the supplies we needed. Here are the girls putting the dirt in the pots...

And planting our new tree, which Jane has already started calling our Christmas tree (it's a pine). I don't have the heart to tell her that even by Christmas it won't be as big as she is.

We also planted a strawberry plant that we got from Rachel.

So there we are doing our part. Happy Earth Day everybody!

Jena, the birthday girl

We celebrated our littlest princess' birthday a little late but Jena was just as joyful all the same. Here is the birthday girl...

Jill helped Jena try her first birthday cake...

Here is Jena's favorite birthday gift...

My dad calls Jena "his little lamb" and so he found this cute lambchop. Jena likes it but Jill loves it and keeps walking around yelling, "My sheep!"

This one was a hit too...

Still, it was back to this one...

My mom got her these crawling balls...

Quick pose with the birthday girl!

Happy birthday my sweet girl! This year has gone by so quickly that I can't even believe you are one already! I can't begin to tell you how much joy you bring to our life. Your sisters ADORE you and you them. You are our precious "Nena" and you will always be my baby!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Breakfast with the Bunny

This weekend my cousin Kerri and I took our girls to the library for Breakfast with the Bunny. When we first got there they did face painting, er... marker painting, which my girls are typically against but this time (I think it's the first?) Jane decided she would go for it.

As you can see Jill was still very much against anyone drawing on her face but she did sit with the bunny even if she wouldn't look at me for the picture.

Kerri's little girl Kylie was not a fan of the bunny, he does look a little psychotic after all.

Jane however, went back time and time again to give the bunny some love. I eventually had to tell her to stop so other kids could visit with him.

Jill was quite happy with the mini carrot cupcakes. Here she is with her third... or fourth?

Then it was time for crafts. The girls decorated bunnies and eggs.

The bunny then came and gave everyone treat bags.

Kylie definitely wanted a treat bag but was not about to go get one from the psychotic bunny so she sent her mom in as a liaison.

The hand off to Kerri.

And then to Kylie...

After that we went into the story time room for some Easter stories and some dancing (the bunny hop, what else?)

I just thought this picture of Jill was super funny because of her floppy ears.

The girls are sharing what's in their treat bags.

A sweet moment with Kerri and Jill.

One last picture with the bunny before we leave...

All that bunny fun made us tired!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Team Building

Thursday night my kindergarten team and I went to Painting with a Twist for a team building session. This is our second of five. Each member of my team chooses a team building activity that everyone participates in. Our first was Jennifer's choice, a slumber party at her house. And it was awesome! Sorry, no pictures. This Thursday was my pick. It was a blast! Here are the rules:

Here we are before we started.

The beginning of my painting, the background.

Squiggly lines 

Looking good Janelle!

 Thicker squiggly lines.

And now looking like branches...

More like branches...


Christian is deciding where to add her flowers. Alysa is just fooling around.

Say cheese Jen!

Janelle's finished painting.

Aren't they great! We had so much fun!!

I love my kinder team!!!