Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jane's Fourth Birthday

We had Jane's fourth birthday party at a local waterpark. We rented out this pavillion.
My mom made personalized towels as party favors for each of the guests.
As people arrived we served pizza, crazy bread and watermelon.
Here is my cousin Kerri and her daughter Kylie.
And then it was time for fun in the water park. Here are some of our guests...

This is Rachel and two of her three girls Julie and Chloe.
My brother Preston and one of my nephews, Cameron. Both of these guys were a huge help in looking after Jane and helping to unload and load up before and after the party. Thanks guys!!
Here is Laura with Josh, Drew, Ben and Elizabeth.
This is my friend Erin chasing after her doll, Sophia. I wish I had gotten some pics of Jill and Sophia because they were somewhat fascinated with each other at different times in the party- they were too cute!
This is Suzanne with her daughter Elise.
Jay and Jill
Here is Rachel again with Chloe, Heidi, Julie, Jennifer, and Jane. The birthday girl was hard to get pictures of during the party because she was constantly on the move and doing her best to avoid pictures. (curse of the mamarazzi)

Time for cake! Or cupcakes that is.

Jena didn't get to partake in the cupcakes but I don't think she minds. This is my sister-in-law Monica who was also a great help in holding Jena during the party.
The pinata was a big "hit"! Hahaha (sorry, couldn't resist!)
Cooper tries it out...
Here's Ben...
Jake taking his turn.

After everyone got a chance to whack it we decided just to tear it apart and then it was a candy free for all.
And THEN it made a cute hat...
Finally we ended the party with some present opening. Carson and Preston helped open presents because at that point Jane was so tired she pretty much wasn't agreeing to anything, including present opening.
I think everyone had a good time. I know we did!! It was a wonderful day and a great way to celebrate a beautiful and special girl!

I love you so much Jane and I hope your fourth birthday sticks out in your memory as a special time you were able to share with wonderful family and friends. I am continuously impressed by you as you grow older. You are such a thoughtful and nurturing person. So loving to your sisters and helpful to your dad and I. You surprise us with how smart you are and how quickly you pick up things. You are very perceptive and often understand concepts and conversations that are well beyond your age. You are funny, and sassy, and quick witted. I have told you before that it was no accident you are the first born. It becomes more and more apparent to me every day why the Lord has placed you as the oldest in our family. Happy birthday my beautiful girl!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jane's Swim Class

Today was the first day of Jane's two week swim class this summer. She is taking lessons at a local high school as part of their swim team feeder program. She did pretty well but I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

...we'll try again tomorrow. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Filled Fourth

I had the girls pose for me in their red, white and blue trying to get some Fourth of July pictures. Jane and Jill at least tried to humor me...

This is what I got from Jena, at least her onesie is honest ;)...

In the afternoon we went over to my cousin Kerri's house and spent the afternoon here...

Look at these twinkies...

We had a great time in the pool.

Here's Jane and her favorite cousin Kylie. Reminds me of Kerri and I when we were little...
After swimming we went back to Kerri's to change and then it was off in the wagon to a neighborhood cookout. (I didn't get any pics from the cookout)

After the cookout we went outside to wait for the fireworks to start. This was actually Jane's first fireworks display and Kylie's too so they weren't sure what to expect. They were both a little scared...
As it got darker and darker some of us conked out...

And others of us were growing more and more excited...

Finally they started!

It was a great display. The girls commented on how much it looked like fairy dust. Jane asked me at one point if it really was fairies.

Then Jay, Jill, Jena and I left and Jane had her first sleepover with Kylie.

Thank you to the Went family for such a fabulous fourth!!