Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jane, the graduate

Jane's preschool does a cute graduation ceremony for the kids going on to kindergarten. Jay and I were both lucky to be able to attend. Here is Jane with her two teachers, Miss Melissa (on the left) and the teacher assistant Miss Lilly (on the right).

After the passing out of diplomas the kids sang a little graduation song.

After the ceremony they had a reception for the kids. Here's Jane and her Daddy...

Jane and her friend Kieren enjoying their cake.

Doesn't she look so grown up? Like Jay says, "She's our little big girl."

On a side note: The one not so good part of the day was a little boy who happened to be standing next to Jane starting screaming at her in the middle of the ceremony that he didn't want to stand next to her like 6 or 7 times he is screaming at her in front of all of the teachers, parents, and kids. Trust me it was everything I could do to not go up there and rip that child off the stage and give him "a talking to". Jane was AWESOME though she just looked at him and held her head high and just blew it off like no big deal. Then when the child was moved away from her he started choking, YES CHOKING, the kid next to him and after it was all said and done there was NO apology for that little... ahem... boy embarrassing my child in the middle of her graduation ceremony and taking the focus off the special event onto this kid. Jane's teacher was very apologetic and even wrote us a note that day apologizing profusely, which is all well and good but who I really wanted an apology from was the child's mother. I couldn't be more proud of Jane though for keeping her cool and not getting upset by it (like her mother did!). I could cry with pride!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summer Fun

It was summer come early at the Sparks house today. It was hot enough for us to drag out the ole water slide this morning. The girls had so much fun!

It was up the slide...

Down the slide...

The girls dragged a bunch of toys and miscellaneous stuff into the pool part...

Even Jackson got in for a very brief few seconds...

And you can imagine they were pretty wiped out afterwards...

Makes me more ready for summer than ever!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Lately I have been spending a lot of time dreaming about which bunk bed I am going to buy for the girls when we finally have the time and money to put into it.  So, now I am asking for your opinion. Which of these do you like?

This one is definitely in our price range but it's a little boring and I can't find it in white...

This is Jay's favorite. It's on the expensive side but I like the storage in the stairs and on the side and the attached desk. We could pretty much get rid of all of the furniture in the room practically.

The trifecta, ├╝ber expensive BUT it would sleep all three of our girls once Jena is big enough for a bed and that has a lot of appeal!

My favorite, because it is moderately priced, has the attached dresser and it's at Rooms To Go so it's in stock pretty much whenever we want it and also they have nice sales now and then.

Jane's favorite. Obviously. It's actually out of the question because it doesn't have stairs, which is kind of a must for me because bunk bed ladders terrify me. It's actually the cheapest out of the bunch surprisingly but again no stairs. I thought I would put it on though because Jane LOVES it so much. She goes back and forth over which bed is hers, the little one at the top because it's up higher or the big one on the bottom because she's the biggest.

Jena's First Birthday Pictures


Here are some recent pictures from the girls' school.

Jill's class picture

Jane's class picture

Girls with the Easter Bunny. The preschool director emailed me and said it was so cute because Jena refused to sit on the bunny's lap until she saw her sisters and then she was all smiles.

Bluebonnet pics

 Another of Jane's school pics...