Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jillybean turns three!

 For Jill's their birthday my mom and I took the girls to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park. First we went on the Frosty Snow Hill for sledding. Jena went down with me and she loved it! Jane went down by herself. I got a picture of her at the bottom. Mom went down with Jill. Everyone had a great time. Jill said it was scary but she was smiling really big when she said it.

After the snow hill the girls got some ice cream while we waited for a show to start. Here's Jena and mom inside the theatre waiting for "All I want for Christmas" a singing and dancing show at the Palace Theatre.

The girls got cotton candy!

After the show, we headed home. We met everyone at mom's at 7:00 for Jill's birthday cake and  presents. Everything was Dora themed. Jill had a Dora cake.

Jena liked the cake too!

Here are some of Jill's presents: a Dora guitar...

Dora bath paints...

She also got a big Dora pillow, Dora toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, etc. a great train set from my mom which Jill loves. But what really took the cake, so to speak, was the Dora dollhouse!

After Jill opened the doll house everyone and everything else kind of disappeared as far as she was concerned. She just played and played in her doll house.

Happy birthday Jillybean!!!


Allison said...

What a fun celebration!! A-Dora-ble birthday pictures, Miss Bean. Happy Happy 3 to you!

Unknown said...

What a fun 3rd birthday- they looked so cute in the tutus! Slow down Jilly... seems like you were just born!!

Erin K said...

Awww! Happy birthday sweey Jilly-bean! Love all the pics at Six Flags and it looks like her b-day party was a huge success! All of your little girls look so beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Jill! Looks like she had a FUN birthday! Your girls are so dang cute.

TLEB said...

I can not believe that Jill is already 3!! Wow! What a fun way to spend her birthday!