Monday, December 20, 2010

Jane's day in Kindergarten

As a special treat for the last day of school this year (and also to try out Jane to see how she would do in a school setting with Mommy around) Jane came with me on Friday to kindergarten! The plan was for her to go just until Santa arrived in the helicopter and then Jay was going to pick her up but she ended up staying the whole day from start to finish and she did AWESOME! Below are some pics from Santa's visit. By the way, it was pajama day which is why she's in pajamas in case you could tell.

 She is slightly excited! Dancing around!
 This elf told Jane, "Santa told me you have been a good girl." She nodded yes and looked in amazement at how this elf could know who she was!
 And here he comes!

It's Santa!!!

After the Santa visit the kids went to the music room to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas and I thought Jane would come back to my room and hang out with me during the movie but she wanted to stay with the kids. After that she ate lunch at the students tables and then came back to my room to listen to me read The Polar Express and make jingle bell necklaces and play in centers, then off to recess and then a Christmas party! Pretty much she had fun all day. And she made good friends with one little girl in my class that was stuck to her all day long. She told me, "Mommy, I am ready for kindergarten I think, I don't want to wait until I am five" It was great!!! I am so proud of how well she did. I was nervous about her being clingy or too shy but she just blended right in.


Meg said...

A better story was never told! That is the best thing isn't it? when our children have confidence enough to fly alone!

Allison said...

Yay, Jane!! What a fun day for BOTH of you!

Erin K said...

She just fit right in with your class. I have the same concerns about Sophia coming to our school. Jane did so great! She was just adorable.

Janelle's Little Blog said...

YAY Jane!! :)

TLEB said...

Wow - great job Jane! She's such a brave big girl!