Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jillybean turns three!

 For Jill's their birthday my mom and I took the girls to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park. First we went on the Frosty Snow Hill for sledding. Jena went down with me and she loved it! Jane went down by herself. I got a picture of her at the bottom. Mom went down with Jill. Everyone had a great time. Jill said it was scary but she was smiling really big when she said it.

After the snow hill the girls got some ice cream while we waited for a show to start. Here's Jena and mom inside the theatre waiting for "All I want for Christmas" a singing and dancing show at the Palace Theatre.

The girls got cotton candy!

After the show, we headed home. We met everyone at mom's at 7:00 for Jill's birthday cake and  presents. Everything was Dora themed. Jill had a Dora cake.

Jena liked the cake too!

Here are some of Jill's presents: a Dora guitar...

Dora bath paints...

She also got a big Dora pillow, Dora toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, etc. a great train set from my mom which Jill loves. But what really took the cake, so to speak, was the Dora dollhouse!

After Jill opened the doll house everyone and everything else kind of disappeared as far as she was concerned. She just played and played in her doll house.

Happy birthday Jillybean!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Ahhh the calm and peace at one o'clock in the morning, just after Santa has finished working...

Jane was the first to wake up, dragging everyone out of bed to come see the presents. Here is what she asked for from Santa when she saw him at the mall, a first bath baby.

Jill was still sleepy and moving kind of slow so Jane helped her open most of her presents.

This is Jill with her baby Alive.

Jena got some stacking blocks which she loves...

...and a shape sorter...

..and this cool gears toy that the girls played with her. Jena LOVES gears!

Jill asked Santa for a dinosaur and...

...a car. Here she is mastering her remote control car controller in a matter of seconds and racing it all around the house to torture/entertain Jackson who chased after it or was chased by it all while barking.

This is my favorite! I had to take a picture of Jane's Baby Alive (yes, Allison they ARE kind of creepy looking!). Look at the baby's foot! Think Jane has seen Toy Story enough times?

Good times!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spend at my parents' house. Here is a brief look at the chaos!


My mom decided to be a bit more festive this year...

My dad was in hog heaven surrounded by the grandkids.

The boys love their baby girls! Here's Jill and Cameron.

Preston and Jena


The girls are IN LOVE with their new baby cousin Clara. When she started crying they sang twinkle twinkle little star to her until she stopped crying. She stares at them in wonder.

What a great night! Gosh, I love my family!!!

Christmas with the Sparks family

We spent the few days before Christmas with Jay's family down hear Houston. These pictures are all kind of out of order so bare with me...

When we first arrived at Pops house the girls were told that uncle Jeff's Bulldog and Pops' Lab had puppies!! They are only three weeks old but are just old enough to pick up, crawl around, lick, and climb. This is pretty much where the girls could be found (especially Jill!) during most of our visit. Jill would look at me with pleading eyes and say, "Can we take one to our house, PWWWEEEEAAASE!!" (no we did not bring home a puppy!)
Jill loves Gus almost as much as she loves his puppies and he was tolerating her laying on top of him without growling or snapping at her so I like Gus too.

Pops was giving Jena some ice cream, a rare treat since Jena is lactose intolerant (or something along those lines). It was so cute I actually forgot Jena isn't allowed to have ice cream until she was a few bites in!

On the night of the 23rd most all of Jay's family came over to Pops and Nikki's house to have dinner and exchange presents. Here is a cute one with Jay's mom, Meemaw Janet and Jay's dad, Pops.

The Sparks Family
Going from left to right: Me, holding Jill (who literally fell asleep during this picture taking session), Jay's dad and mom with his brother Jeff behind them, then Cassandra, (Jon's girlfriend) Jon, (Jay's youngest brother) holding Alazae (Cassandra's little girl), Jay holding Jane. Jena was already asleep upstairs.

Jay's grandma, Meemaw Georgie is just about the coolest grandma around. We are able to keep up with her on Facebook in between her trips with her groups of friends from the retirement community where she lives. (I swear her social calendar is busier than mine!)

Jay's aunt Jenny and cousin Ashley. We are all squeezed in by the fireplace because we were all freezing. Jay's dad likes to keep the house at a nice comfortable 60 degrees. I kid. But seriously we were all grateful when Jenny snuck over and adjusted the thermostat!

Cute pics of Pops and his girls....

The girls did some baking with Jay's stepmom Nikki. They made brownies and decorated cookies!

It was a fulfilled few days! Thanks for having us!!